AB Corporation is specialized in EU project writing and management. We focus on SMEs, research centres, NGOs and local and public authorities with project budgets ranging from thousands to several million euros. A proactive and solutions oriented approach characterized our long-serving activity in this field. 

We customise proposals in order to satisfy clients’ needs and turn their ideas into winning projects. Our team of experts can speak more than 10 languages and work with clients from the whole Europe thanks to a network of like-minded partner companies in European and international capitals. Our reputation is built on our clients’ success and trust in our expertise across a wide range of sectors.

Project writing

How we can help you

– Seek and identify adequate sources of funding for your project

– Disseminate information on European funding of interest to your stakeholders

– Provide specialist advice & support to your team in terms of writing and submitting a proposal

-Manage awarded projects

We act as the focal point both for receiving reports, comments and project funds from the European Commission and partners as well as for distributing and disseminating these further as and when necessary.

Creation of project consortia

How we can help you

– Search for and contact suitable partners or coordinators in order to create your project consortium

– Collect information from partners, processing of written inputs and background documents

– Work in close collaboration with projects’ Coordinators, scientific managers, and scientific teams

– We act as the interface between the European Commission, project Steering Committees, project partner organisations, third parties and scientific management teams.

Management of successful projects

How we can help you

– Generate and submit amendments to the projects’ Grant Agreements and Consortium Agreements, and to draft other agreements as required

– Liaise with European Commission officials at the negotiation, contract implementation and reporting stages

– Carefully check and monitor of all aspects of the projects’ contractual documentation

We effectively manage the knowledge generated by the project will be of particular importance, covering issues such as the use and exploitation of Intellectual Property during the project and the management of related Intellectual Property Rights. We check and monitor budget expenditure both at project and partner organisations’ level and assist in the preparation of detailed interim and final reports, as outlined in the projects’ EC Grant Agreements