Funding program: : I3-2021-INV1-GREEN

Start date: 1.09.2023

Closing date: 31.08.2026

Duration of the project: 36 months

Grant agreement: 101115156 

INNO4CFIs – Nature-Based Business Model and Emerging Innovations to Enhance Carbon Farming Initiatives (CFIs) while Preserving Biodiversity, Water Security, and Soil Health


AB Corporation is the partner for Business Models, and  Communications & Dissemination of the INNO4CFIs project.

INNO4CFIs is promoting innovation for carbon farming with a positive impact on the environment, climate and local communities in 13 European regions. INNO4CFIs – “Nature-Based Business Model and Emerging Innovations to enhance  Carbon Farming Initiatives (CFIs) while preserving Biodiversity, Water  Security and Soil Health”,co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund I3 instrument.

The aim of INNO4CFIs is to promote carbon farming and nature-based business models, technology and innovation to increase CO2 uptake while nurturing vital environmental benefits like freshwater production, soil restoration, and biodiversity enhancement. With a focus on carbon farming initiatives and reforestation, the objective is to develop a Carbon Technology Platform, redefine carbon farming and create a highly replicable and scalable business model in the Carbon Farming sector. 

AB Corporation Services for the INNO4CFIs project



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